Mops and Katt discover the Woods

Mops and Kat are the best of friends. But while Kat is always looking for the next adventure, Mops prefers to lounge around on the sofa. When Kat convinces him to come on a walk in the woods, he’s bored – until the friends meet Rocky.

The laid-back roebuck takes them on a thrilling voyage of discovery: he shows them how trees communicate, where you can find the tastiest elf cakes, and how beehives are organised. They venture deeper and deeper into the undergrowth and visit mysterious, magical places – but suddenly Rocky realises he’s lost!

The trees are almost impenetrable now, young boars are running through the woods and a river is blocking their way. What now? Luckily, Beaver has a solution. And so, after much sliding about in the mud, the friends finally find their way back home – cheered and fulfilled by their new woodland experiences and friendships.

•Mops and Kat – chalk-and-cheese friends on a thrilling woodland adventure

•Fresh and modern layout: the adventure is told with colour illustrations throughout, which enrich and deepen the story alongside the short texts

•With lots of fun facts about woods and their inhabitants

•Fosters the imagination: the woods are filled with secrets just waiting to be discovered

•A special extra something: tips for your own walk in the woods, and imaginative DIY ideas