Moonlight Academy

At last, the long-awaited follow-up from SPIEGEL bestselling author Julia Kuhn!

**An Irish fairy academy, dark secrets and a forbidden love**

Personal reading recommendation from author and book blogger Elle Ellis (@thebookelle): "Romantic, sizzling and magical. A heartbreaking story set on the coast of Ireland that enchanted me."

The Moonlight Academy on the coast of Ireland is one of the most mysterious places in the fairy world. But for Elanor, it means one thing above all: a new beginning.

However, this turns out to be more difficult than expected, as she suddenly finds herself face to face with Elijah again – the boy who is forbidden to her. In contrast to the mysterious Kylian, who awakens a new side in her with his tattoos and attractive manner.

Determined not to let this distract her, the moon fairy concentrates fully on her magical training. However, this holds unexpected challenges for her, as the balance between good and evil is shaken and threatens to shake the fairy world to its very foundations …