Me, Microbes and I

A guide to the viruses, bacteria and other weeny weirdies that share your world.

You are covered in microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungi and more. Learn about the different kinds of microbes – what they look
like, how they grow and what they do – and find out how to get the most out of the good microbes while guarding against microbes that can make you unwell.
Me, Microbes & I is full of fascinating and entertaining information about microbes, and provides young readers with a simple and fun guide to how things like bacteria and viruses work in the body. It is packed with handy tips on how to stay healthy, from enjoying fermented foods to taking care of your immune system, and also provides information on how to stop the spread of nasty viruses – including how to cough like a vampire, and the best way to wash your hands.

A timely and highly original non-fiction guide to the viruses, bacteria and other weeny wierdies that share our world, presented in a picture-book format perfect for a young audience. Entertaining and enlightening, and incredibly relevant given the current global pandemic, it presents simple facts about microbes in a way that is both informative and funny. With signature cheeky humour and kid-friendly illustrations from Philip Bunting (best-selling creator and Kate Greenaway nominee) this title is completely fun and engaging.