Master Plan Health

What Body and Mind Need To Stay Young And Fit for a Long Time

The major new health guide by this bestselling author – how to live to a ripe old age and stay healthy for as long as possible

In his new book, bestselling author Blech gives us new answers to the question of what our bodies really need. He reveals that when we’re ill, it’s better to move around than stay in bed; that loss of muscle mass as we age isn’t inevitable, merely the consequence of not enough exercise; that what we think of as a healthy diet can damage gut flora; and much more.

Using the latest research, Blech exposes all kinds of health myths, shows us how to take charge of our medical wellbeing, and explains that our bodies and minds are sufficiently adaptable for us to stay healthy to a ripe old age. Master Plan Health is a practical instruction manual for the miraculous bodies in which we live, with lots of tips for how best to deal with the most common illnesses, and how to avoid them altogether.