Marvellous Mansion #1: A Racoon Comes to Stay

There’s never a dull moment at Marvellous Mansion!

Since Henry the raccoon moved into one of the washing machines in the café, hardly a day has gone by without Matilda and her cousin Joschi finding themselves caught up in some new adventures.

Each individual story deals with one of the typical themes relevant to this age group: friendship, helping each other, having arguments, and feeling upset. In other words: the everyday chaos of family life! Except that Marvellous Mansion is home to multiple generations of families.

The stories combine the events of childrent’s day-to-day lives with some favourite children’s fantasies: a talking pet which has previously lived ‘in the wild’ and can take the children on proper adventures without their parents interfering.


Here the cover of vol.02 which will be published in Spring 2018: