Living off the Land

“We have simply forgotten to take care of the truly important things – of the ground beneath our feet and ourselves.”

We have lost sight of what is vital in life: our health and nature. We live in crowded cities. And we work more so that we can consume more.

The ecologist Ernst Peter Dörfler makes an impassioned, well-informed plea to break out of this vicious circle and look for sustainable solutions. His path to these answers takes the reader to the countryside.

A defiant environmentalist even back in the GDR era, Dörfler makes a convincing case like no other for what it means to lead and how to achieve a free, self-determined life. If we consume less, we can work and earn less while we conserve natural resources, and live in a more satisfying, healthier way. Whether you are a country or city dweller, this book will shake up your beliefs and point the way to a free, environmentally and climate-friendly life.