Life is Good

For the first time in twenty-five years of marriage, Max and Tina sleep in separate beds: Tina is in Paris on a business trip and Max stays at home, where he runs a local bar. Because his wife is away, he starts to realise what is truly important in his life.

Every evening, Max stands behind his bar listening to stories. During the day, he takes the glass to be recycled in his handcart, repairs furniture, and sets off in search of a stuffed bull’s head – or gets into fights with property speculators.

The central character in Alex Capus’ new novel is a protagonist at ease with himself. He defends everything that we easily overlook in our hectic, day-to-day lives with a sharp yet compassionate eye.

Life is Good is a novel about people, about unquestionable trust in ourselves, and in good friendships and life – but above all, it is a tribute to love.