Alternative Facts and Other Lies

A great thinker of our time, a universal scholar who writes and talks about topics in a very informative, witty way.

Nicola Steiner, SRF Literaturclub

Half-truths, filter bubbles, propaganda, euphemisms, fake news and conspiracy theories – all synonyms for lies. They’re so shrill we can’t escape seeing or hearing them in the media and public discourse. In this maze of information, you need a sharp eye and ear to discern the truth.

Konrad Paul Liessmann dissects the present with an objective gaze and gentle irony, commitment and great seriousness. He acknowledges the restrictive conditions for the formulas of our time and discovers the signatures of our era in everyday thinking. Whether discussing political morals or social relations, the pandemic, climate change or shifting values, Liessmann unfolds a detailed panorama of our society and creates a mosaic of its fallacies and self-deceptions.