Laughing Matters

A short philosophy of laughter

A philosophical journey into silliness – reassuring, surprising and entertaining

Umberto Eco once said that laughter is the «art of cancelling fear» – which is why humour is so often the bête noire of scaremongers. Humour can help us step back, and take a fresh, objective look at our convictions. It thus not only acts as a foil to fanaticism, but is a prerequisite for openness and freedom of thought.

«Laughing Matters» takes us on an illuminating philosophical journey through all things humour: why do we laugh at all? What happens to our bodies and minds, when we find something funny? Is laughter merely a matter of taste, or is there an ethical line we mustn’t cross? And what did Plato, Nietzsche and Kant make of this age-old and very human phenomenon?

The perfect book for these challenging times – after all, humour is but laughter in the dark.