Iron Empire

Chosen by the Forest Light

A seer afraid of the future – a reluctant prince – a world where each breath could be your last

A plane crashes in the Whispering Forest. Its passenger is none other than Hunter, Prince of the Iron Empire – the same Iron Empire that’s been gradually destroying the Whispering Forest for centuries, and with it the lives of its inhabitants.

The plane crash instantly changes Kaeliah’s life for ever: she has just been chosen as the new seer, but people still haven’t fully accepted her, so when the plane crashes, she spots a chance to prove herself. Hoping to help save her homeland, she accompanies the prince back to his realm. Soon, it becomes clear that their feelings for each other are more than just diplomatic.

But when Kae arrives at the imperial court, she discovers intrigue and a country on the edge of war, while humanity will soon be literally fighting for breath…

An enthralling, highly emotional fantasy romance set in the breathtaking worlds of the Iron Empire and the Whispering Forest. For fans of Avatar and The Lost Crown


Vol.2 to be published in Spring 2024