Inherited Fate

How to overcome stressful family patterns and release our true potential – The comprehensive practical program

Recognizing and resolving transgenerational trauma and blockages in the family system

We all have embedded within us inborn experiences, inherited pain, and ancient survival programs. These wounds, passed down through generations, can trigger anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, and a range of physical symptoms. We intuitively sense that they don’t have their origins in our own life history. Instead they are caused by tacit agreements – in effect ‘loyalty contracts’ – that we have made with our parents when we were still children, and which released our parents from the burden of our common ancestors. But within each of us there is also a deep knowledge of healing.

Sabine Lück, a psychotherapist and expert in transgenerational transmission, has developed a unique, comprehensive program for self-healing. The exercises, which have proven themselves effective in her practice, will help take us on a journey back into our own life story and those of our ancestors, and aid us in uncovering family secrets and becoming conscious of any blocking and disruptive life patterns. Through this, entanglements can be dissolved, step by step, to liberate our own potentials.

Includes a genogram template