Infinity Falling Series

Mess me up

Only when she is taking on the role of a different person does 20-year-old actor Aven Amenta truly feel like herself. But since a stalker invaded Aven’s private life, all she wants to do is hide away. So when she has to move to Vancouver to film the blockbuster INFINITY FALLING, it suits her just fine.

The only problem is that the leading man has been replaced at the last minute by Hayes Chamberlain, a former boyband star. Instead of acting experience, Hayes brings with him a horde of fans and a media circus – exactly what Aven had wanted to avoid. But with every day that goes by she finds it more and more difficult to stay away from him.

Until at last, Hayes realises he can’t be with Aven without putting her in danger.


Volume 2 of this series will be published in March 2024 and volume 3 in September 2024