On drinking and letting go

Alcohol consumption is on the rise among educated, well-off women over 30. Strange, isn’t it? Aren’t these the women who, despite working fifty-hour weeks, still find time for sports, monitor their diet and have made mindfulness their motto in life? Yes, the first thing they do after a hard day’s work is open a bottle of wine. Quite a few drink it down.

Eva Biringer was one of them for years. She drank to relax and reward herself, to comfort herself and to function, to live up to expectations and not have to feel many things. More than once she woke up in the morning without any memory. Based on her own story, she wants to raise awareness for the reasons why more and more women reach for the bottle far too often and for a society that doesn’t want to see what drives them to it. Crystal clear and razor-sharp, Eva Biringer dissects her own addictive behavior – one that is in all of us.