If Everyone Likes You, No One Will Take You Seriously

Saying What You Think, Getting What you deserve

Confidently setting boundaries, responding adeptly, standing up for your own needs

Those who do everything others want them to do are liked – but only as easy targets. Only those who manage to set boundaries and represent their own interests will be respected as having character, develop greater self-confidence, and achieve the success they deserve.

In his new book, Martin Wehrle shows you how to achieve respect and defend your self-esteem in every situation in life – because only if you say what you think will you be taken seriously and get what you deserve. «If Everyone Likes You, No One Will Take You Seriously» is a treasure trove of tools and techniques for all those who will no longer tolerate being manipulated, who will no longer back down, who want to be heard, who want to respond masterfully when in a discussion someone overpowers, belittles, or attacks them. This is a book full of power and inspiration that will make you more alert, verbally adroit, and self-confident!

• The new book by the Spiegel bestselling author with over 415,000 copies sold

• Instructive and entertaining – with tests, real-life examples, surprising studies, sample dialogues, and exercises

• With a comprehensive test: «Can I set limits?»