Ida and the World beyond Mount Kaiserzipf

"Linda Schwalbe also goes off the beaten track and surprises us with wonderful illustrations. The book is bursting with energy, colors, shapes and luminosity. Extraordinary and bold color combinations, clear shapes and surfaces that reveal both the brushwork and the individual layers of paint , make the book a sensual experience. "
The Serafina Jury

"The life of globetrotter Ida Pfeiffer is captured primarily visually in bright, bright colors and with an intrepid wildness. The text provides brief information, the images, on the other hand, voluminous and expressive. A book that tells of a woman's courage and also encourages her, to leave the prescribed path. Simply great! "
German Academy for Children's and Young People's Literature

"Linda Schwalbe tells with an explosion of colors, with a color intensity, a luminosity that is full of joie de vivre, full of action and very intense."
Christiane Raabe, jury member The Best 7

"Anyone who gets their hands on this fun-loving picture book early on may not even have to take the detour for their own happiness."
Susanna Wengeler, Book Market

Ida has a mind of her own.
Although she lives at a time when girls are expected to be mothers and housewives, Ida dreams of being an explorer and going on expeditions. She bravely sets off on her first trip around the world, discovering faraway lands and meeting friendly people along the way.

With expressive colors, dynamic shapes, and a simple but evocative text, Linda Schwalbe’s debut picture book is a joyful tribute to Ida Pfeiffer — one of the first female explorers to travel around the world.