Hyperversum #1

Daniel is a 22 year old with a burning passion for Hyperversum, an on-line video game, which
carries his imagination back into history. During his stints submerged in virtual reality, he has
learned how to be the perfect Medieval man, and how to use his wits to win all levels of the game.
Ian is a PhD graduate in Medieval History. He became a member of Daniel’s family when his
parents died and has been with them ever since. On one holiday break from his study vacation in
France, Ian goes to visit his foster family for dinner and , naturally, for a game of his favourite
videogame with his friend Daniel. They are not on their own in front of the screen: there is also
young Martin, Jodie – Daniel’s girlfriend – and Carl and Donna, who are connected from a different
While enacting their virtual adventure in the Middle Ages, a storm takes the kids by surprise:
Dan, Jodie, Ian and Martin find themselves in Flanders, in the middle of a war between France and
England. A new life unfurls; new roads and a new love.