When a plane crash-lands in the arctic, eight young survivors step from the wreckage expecting to see nothing but ice and snow. Instead they find themselves lost in a strange jungle with no way to get home and little hope of rescue.
Food is running out. Water is scarce. And the jungle is full of threats unlike anything the survivors have ever seen before—from razor-beaked shredder birds to carnivorous vines and much, much worse.
With danger at every turn, these kids must learn to work together to survive. But cliques and rivalries threaten to tear them apart. And not everyone will make it out of the jungle alive.

This harrowing tale of supernatural suspense kicks off a new multiplatform series

Publication Schedule:
Book #1 by Scott Westerfeld in Spring 2017
Book #2 by Jennifer A. Nielsen in Fall 2017
Book #3 in Spring 2018
Book #4 in Fall 2018
Book #5 in Spring 2019
Book #6 in Fall 2019
Book #7 in Spring 2020