Hold me

New England School of Ballet (Vol. 1)

On their way to the top they can’t allow anything to distract them, but their hearts have other ideas …

Zoe’s greatest dream comes true when she’s unexpectedly offered a place at the New England School of Ballet. But life at the famous ballet school is different from how she’d imagined, and when she’s assigned a dance partner, Jase, on her very first day, she finds it somewhat overwhelming. Because after the party she cannot remember, she’d sworn never to let anyone get close to her again.

Jase, on the other hand, could use the distraction, because his father – one of the most highly respected doctors in Boston – wants him to study medicine instead of wasting his time as a dancer. Jase refuses to give up, and the more time Zoe spends with him, the easier she finds it to embrace her new life – until she finds out what happened the night of the party, and realises that the surprise offer from the ballet school was not based on her talent alone.