Historical Atlas of (truly) Terrible Kids

A mockumentary that goes through all over the world searching for the most TERRIBLE kids of History, from the Pleistocene to the present time.

*And yes, there’s historical true facts througout

There have been many, many kids who have behaved like rogue rascals or in a nonsensical way throughout history. Some did it out of pure evil, others out of boredom, and most as a form of misunderstood fun. Several of them managed to change the course of History. The rest got unnoticed. However, they have all been ignored and their pranks have not occupied a single line in the History books.

This book is an approach to some of those terrible creatures. Although they are not role models, these children have as much right to have their misdeeds told as those of many tyrants, witches, professional poisoners or adult bandits.

Key words: History, children, humour, narrative non fiction