Stories about Hairstyles

What do fringe, ponytail, monkey swing and earphones have in common?

Exactly, they are all hairstyles!

In her book, printed in unusual colours, Katja Spitzer tells us everything about hair: that hairstyles have been important to people since the Stone Age, from the hip-length hair of Empress Sisi to the tower hairstyles of the Baroque and the punk hairstyles of the 70s.

We learn which beauty recipes the Ancient Egyptians used on their hair, to whom Indians sacrifice their hair and why many African Americans wear their Afro-look with great pride, what the bobblehead has to do with emancipation, why our hair turns grey and what it consists of at all.

We see plaits, curls, blonde, black, ginger hair, short or long hair, ladies-beard and beard hairstyles and learn many idioms related to hair.

Quite hairy, this book! • All about hair and hairstyles –from the past to now• Extraordinary illustrations, printed in special colours• Hairy fascination –from tower hair and monkey swing to Mohican.