Green Valley Love

Over 410.000 copies sold of this series!

Winter magic, the run-up to Christmas and plenty of heartbreak in Green Valley

Lena (20), an au-pair from Berlin, arrives in the American small town Green Valley in the Rocky Mountains. Although the city girl doesn’t know much about mountains, she soon feels at home in Jack and Amy Cooper’s house. Everything would be perfect if it weren’t for Jack’s younger brother Ryan, the “fallen hero” of Green Valley. His career as a professional skier came to an end after a serious skiing accident and now out of necessity he lives with the Coopers where he vents his frustration at Lena. But soon the chemistry between them starts to change…


Izzy (23) has resigned herself to the fact that she will never be more than best friends with Will. That one kiss at New Year’s Eve doesn’t change anything. When Netflix star Cole Jacobs arrives in Green Valley and asks her to teach him to ski for a film role, Izzy realises that there is room in her heart for more than one man.


After a horrible fight with her mother, 22-year-old Elara flees to her grandmother in Green Valley. In the idyllic small town in the Rocky Mountains, Elara wants to think over her future and she starts work at the local petrol station. That is where she meets Noah, who helps out in the adjacent garage and dreams of travelling to the stars as an astronaut. Something that could be more than just friendship develops between them but then Elara discovers that his ex-girlfriend is in a coma after a serious car accident. Does her love have a chance against Noah’s feelings of guilt?


As if life had sent her back to the start – this is how Annie feels when she awakes from a coma after a serious accident and has to relearn everything. Yet she wants to return to her job as a car mechanic in Green Valley as soon as possible. That is where Netflix star, Cole Jacobs, is hiding after an embarrassing mistake in front of the press, and he is bored to death. He reluctantly takes on the staging of the annual amateur dramatics show. At rehearsals he meets Annie, who is very different to all the women who adore him. It is inevitable: Annie and Cole fight each other – and then romance is in the air…


21-year-old Leonie has dreamed of experiencing freedom in a work and travel year in the USA. But then everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Leonie is stranded without money in the small town of Green Valley and is in need of a job. The only bright spot is the attractive and sensitive barkeeper, Sam, to whom she promptly tells all. Neither of them knows that they will meet again the next day. Leonie applies for the position of nanny for little Maya although she has no experience with children – and no idea that Sam is Maya’s father…


Christmas is approaching, the most wonderful time of the year is about to begin … except for Rebecca Fitzgerald. First she’s put on leave from her job, and then she learns that her father is out of work as reverend during Advent due to surgery. Without further ado, Rebecca heads home to Green Valley to support her family. There she meets the attractive and extremely self-confident field hockey coach Leo Braxton, who to her surprise has been billeted in her room. With him, she is to prepare the annual Nativity play, which this year is to be held in the ice rink as «Christmas on Ice». Rebecca’s life soon turns upside down for more than one reason …

New Beginnings (Lena & Ryan)
New Promises (Izzy & Will)
New Dreams (Elara & Noah)
New Horizons (Annie & Cole)
New Chances (Leonie & Sam)
Find me in Green Valley (Short novel; Sarah & Grayson)
New Wishes (Rebecca & Leo)