Good Night

For insomniacs, sleep procrastinators, and anyone who wants to improve their sleep hygiene, this friendly handbook will help you focus on catching some rest.

In our busy, hyper-connected times, it can be hard to sleep through the night. But sleep is one of the keys to overall wellbeing, and if you’re not getting enough of it, it can have a major impact on your physical and mental health. This handbook from two certified yoga and Ayurveda
teachers will help you understand the connection between diet, exercise, stress, and sleep so you can improve the quality of your sleep from every angle. Good Night contains tips and tricks for:

  • Breaking bad habits, from sleep procrastination to bringing devices into bed
  • Navigating health issues that make sleeping through the night difficult
  • Calming your anxious mind and allowing yourself to rest

Simple and effective lifestyle adjustments are all you need to
feel like your best, most well-rested self.