Good Hope – Midwife Knowledge for Mother and Baby

Natural healing methods and holistic help

Old and new home remedies for pregnancy and the time afterwards

Pregnancy, childbirth and the first time with a baby – for many women these are the most intense months of their lives. Emotions are almost overwhelming, the body behaves quite oddly, and everyday life is a chaos. At such a time a good midwife is indispensable!

In this book, Kareen Dannhauer answers the questions she has heard during her countless house visits. Her answers are sympathetic, sound, and based on experience. She reveals what really helps when things are not running smoothly with mother or baby. Whether natural therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy or home remedies – there is a good solution for every problem in pregnancy and afterwards. An immense treasure of experience, contemporarily and beautifully designed.

• Gentle help through aroma therapy, homeopathy, Bach flowers, and more

• Presented in a way compatible with modern times – and wonderfully illustrated