Forward Means Back to Myself

Setting out for a self-determined life – Coaching methods for women in their mid-life years

Lights out, spotlight on: now it’s time for me!

For women, the middle of life is often a time of upheaval when they must reorient themselves. They want to find a new perspective on their life situation and actively shape it. But how will they to be able to focus more on themselves without constantly encountering obstacles?

The dedicated psychologist and systemic consultant Tanja Köhler provides refreshing, expert support: she reveals how to become aware of one’s own aspirations, needs, and desires and how to find inspiration for new goals within the everyday status quo. She encourages women to make decisions to not allow themselves to fall back into old patterns and drag everything around them into it. She provides here comprehensive, step by step support for initiating and implementing very personal change processes in this phase of life.

· Includes exercises, self-test, questionnaires, reflections

· Encouraging, sensible, and practical methods that every woman can implement immediately

· The book as a best friend – an impulse giver and companion on the path