Fantastic Physics

How Physics Is Sometimes Annoying, But Always Brilliant – And Does Nothing Less Than Explain Everything

Do you know why there’s always a headwind when you ride your bicycle – and what you can do about it? Do you know how cavitation stops ships, but helps us to open jam jars? Do you know how to hoodwink condensation, and prevent your glasses from steaming up? From gravity to friction and the greenhouse effect, the laws of physics govern every aspect of our lives, whether we like it or not.

«Fantastic Physics» is a humorous book about the moments when physics can be really annoying – as well as those times when it’s indispensable. Judith and Marcus Weber reveal how we can turn physics to our advantage, and explain how to make its effects work for us, rather than against us. All you need is a little technique – and then you can stop worrying about headwind.