Family Reasons

Each perfect family hides a secret. Sometimes they surface and destroy everything.

«Ehi bella. Wake up.»
The girl is lying on her stomach on the edge of the public pool. She is naked. And she’s beautiful, indeed. The long blonde hair stands neatly on the shoulders. She is abandoned in a deep sleep, maybe drunk. Or at least that’s what Rosario thinks, custodian of the pool with too many penalties record. Turned-on, he wants to take advantage of this statuary body that never happens to him to have within his reach.
When his eyes full of desire rest on the girl’s face, the man realizes that she is not asleep, she’s dead and, given the wounds, has been killed. All he can do now, is to flee.
The prosecutor Emma Bonsanti has just came back to Bari, after many years spent in Milan as far away as possible from her hometown and her relatives. She’s tough, stubborn and touchy, and, not easy to believe after many years of this job, vulnerable and tormented.
The case of Alessia Abbrescia, a girl of just eighteen, beautiful and from a good family, shakes her in depths.
Her family’s friends’ description – a model daughter, without enemies, nor little big sadness or teenage headshots – clashes with her death, the place and the circumstances in which she has been found.
And then it is worth going to the bottom, looking beneath the surface blurred by the witnesses, facing the void behind the sparkling appearances to find out who the victims and the guilties really are.