Even If It Hurts

Would you be able to forget the love of your life to stop suffering?

Jonah has recently moved to Aster and can finally go to school like the others, without hiding his yellow eyes behind dark lenses, and feel accepted despite the folded flower on his skin, a symbol of the mark of pain. In Aster, in fact, the Children of Astaroth, people who can take away negative feelings or bestow special talents, are not persecuted, on the contrary, they are privileged. Here Jonah meets Judith, a girl with whom he shares a passion for art. The two discover the strength of feelings they have never felt before, but she hides an immense pain: her father has disappeared suddenly, leaving her with an emptiness that makes it impossible for her to surrender to such an overwhelming love. Jonah could erase Judith’s pain, but in doing so he would also erase any memory of their love born between the folds of that suffering. Should Judith decide to forget her love for Jonah so she can finally overcome her suffering caused by the loss of her father?