Erna and the three truths

With a keen eye and tongue in cheek, an 11-year-old makes fun of adult logic.

Why does a community, share the word for common (a medieval word for mean)? Erna, 11 years old, is interested in such questions. She goes to a so-called community school. She and her friends Liv and Rosalie live together in a community house.

The fact that all this stuff about community and common can be unfair is brought home to Erna and her friends when after the carnival party at school the loos are wantonly wrecked. No one owns up to having done it and so everybody is punished. What a a mean, dirty trick! Liv isn’t bothered, but Erna wants to get to the bottom of it. And she actually does find out what happened. But should she tell anyone? After all, as the saying goes, there are three truths: yours, mine and the truth. But who can bear that?