Enlightenment in Three Breaths

Arriving at the Now with mindfulness and meditation

From doing to being

Doris Iding believes that we are all much closer to enlightenment than we believe or even hope. In her mindfulness and meditation courses, almost every week she encounters people who have already had one or more experiences of enlightenment. But they tend to hide or suppress their experience for fear of being considered crazy or at least ‘a bit off’. Yet the inner light is always lit. As Doris Iding puts it: «We only need to turn to it and allow it to shine, as in the innermost core we are pure consciousness, light, and resonance.» And what is most wondrous is that this essence is a bonus for all of us who have come into this world.

Through her guide the author would like to accompany readers systematically and pragmatically towards their innermost being, because practice also leads towards enlightenment. Her program includes mindfulness and breathing exercises, meditations, and journaling – the efficacy of which is supported by the latest findings in neuroscience.


Finding deep inner calm through breathing and mindfulness exercises, meditations, and journaling

Practice makes enlightenment: a practical advice book for the path towards awareness

The wisdom of Eckhart Tolle and the everyday pragmatism of Laura Malina Seiler united here with the author’s profound abilities and decades of experience