Dr. Bombard’s Boat

Illustrated by Jordi Sunyer

After a wreck with no incidents, Dr. Bombard floats in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Is that a tragedy os is it the opportunity to experiment a great adventure? He doesn’t know. But he will have all the time to discover it.

This is a poetic text full of thrilling moments.

The illustrations by Jordi Sunyer convey the reader to the inmensity, the beauty, the solitude and also to the infinite of the ocean.

Might we get into difficult situations, sometimes you just have to let yourself go and trust.

Dr. Alain Bombard existed and he has a very curious story. He was doctor in a small fishermen village in the North of France and he had to experience the deaths of shipwreck survivors that died because they did not have the knowledge and the temper to try to survive.

So one day in 1952 he decided to get out to the ocean in a plastic boat and become a volunteer shipwreck survivor during a few months, in order to convince the fishermen that, despite all the difficulties, surviving in the sea could be possible and they just had to learn how to do it.

He managed to survive and his books are inspiration to all of those who cross the waters of the ocean. This story is dedicated to him.