Do You See the Forest or the Trees?

How to better understand our complex world

Stop looking at the trees and see the forest!

Discover hidden patterns in nature and society and what this will tell you about global crisis management: In an interconnected world, we need to think in a networked way and to examine complex phenomena, such as pandemics, climate crises and the destabilization of ecosystems, as parts of a larger whole. Complexity scientist Dirk Brockmann takes a look at the crises of our time, searching for patterns, regularities and similarities between them and the complex processes in nature. In doing so, he draws highly insightful connections – for example, between forest fires and epidemics, and between populism and fish in search of food – and reveals what we can learn from them. Can we save humanity, that is, ourselves? There is hope – if we have the courage to embrace reductionism, think in an anti-disciplinary way, and focus on cooperation.