Design Your Journal with the Bullet Method

Commercially made calendars are not very individual or flexible and in no way personally creative. The alternative is simply to design a planner suited to your own needs. «Journaling» is the name of this impressive method: not only does it help you keep track of appointments and daily or weekly tasks, it can also be a place to record thoughts and ideas. Daydreams and resolutions can easily become realistic goals attained step by step – whether a healthier diet, career planning, or discovering large or small joys in life

With inspiring images and many pages of exercises, this book shows you how to design an enchanting journal by finding your own style, making use of the thematic pages of interest, and exploring the design possibilities for creating an aesthetically pleasing personal guide.

• The first instruction guide on this international trend

• A calendar, to-do-list, and daily journal all in one

• Practical: with theme pages for practicing and brainstorming