Death Tale

"Gruber's style is fast-paced, complex and always ensures surprising turns." Sebastian Fitzek

The artistically draped body of a woman in whose skin the murderer has cut a baffling sign is discovered in Bern. She does not remain his only victim. Profiler Maarten S. Sneijder from the Netherlands and inspector Sabine Nemez from the Federal Criminal Police Office find themselves involved in a bloody paper chase – but the killer always seems to be one step ahead of them.

In the meantime, the young psychologist Hannah arrives in Steinfels in northern Germany, a prison for mentally abnormal criminals. She is to be put in charge of a therapy group, but only one single inmate is interested: Piet van Loon. He was once put behind bars by Sneijder. And now he becomes the key figure in a devilish game …

This is the third case in the bestseller series starred by Prof. Sneijder and inspector Nemez