Dear Epicurus

Reflections On The Great Questions Of Life

Fusaro – philosopher, professor, editorialist, as well as successful essayist and opinion maker –discusses major existential questions, showing how philosophy is still essential to our present times.

A deliberately «accessible» book, speaking to all those how reflect on life, human emotions and society. By tackling 80 topics – friendship, love, death, happiness, the gift, the community, time, work, human connection, will… – Fusaro shows how philosophy can deal with all existential questions and any field in public life.

And he does so in an unusual way – by writing imaginary letters to Epicurus, analyzing side by side ancient and contemporary philosophy. The writing is concise, straightforward, effective, and never ostentatious – the language of a young author who enthusiastically took on the challenge of explaining sometimes complex concepts to the general public.