Dealing with Panic Attacks and Other Anxiety Disorders

How brain research helps victims to permanently overcome anxiety and panic

A unique anxiety therapy with an immense success rate

Anxiety expert Klaus Bernhardt takes a close look at the established therapies in Germany for treating anxiety disorders and compares them with the findings of modern brain research. The conclusions he draws are sobering: most of these remedies are decades out of date and neuroscientifically no longer tenable. His method introduces a completely new kind of anxiety therapy that specifically exploits the aging processes of the human brain to put victims of anxiety and panic attacks back into a position to lead a normal life. He has with the exercises and techniques described in this book helped a remarkably large number of patients to return to a life free of anxiety after only a few weeks.

• Easy-to-understand method, clear examples, practical exercises

• Latest results of brain research put into practice – hospitals are already implementing Bernhardt’s approach