Online life: How the Internet is ch@nging us

Omnipotence or impotence—and the space between…

There are nearly 2.5 billion people online by now. The virtual world has become a living, breathing environment with far-reaching effects on our attitudes, values and personalities. The Internet is in fact changing the very structure of our thought-processes.

You come across all aspects of human experience and behaviour in the digital realm—where they are channelled and reinforced, for better or for worse. It’s a well-known fact that the inhibition threshold is significantly reduced by anonymity and physical absence.

But how do we intend to deal with this phenomenon in years to come? Our future cyber competence hinges on a balance between circumspection and enthusiasm, opportunity and risk. This book is designed to reinforce our capacity to weigh up the pros and cons of cyberspace, and hone our capacity for critical (cyber) reflection.