Corona Kids

What we must do now to protect our children from the psychological consequences of the pandemic

What we need to do for our children now

The corona pandemic leaves its mark especially on children and adolescents: many are irritable, stressed or withdraw. Important developments in the child’s brain took place only to a limited extent during the lockdown phases – this could endanger the mental health of an entire generation.

Neurobiologist Nicole Strüber explains what parents, childcare centres, schools and society need to do now to help our children cope well with the pandemic. She emphasises: Children who have enough resources can catch up on the missed developments, but they need our support, more understanding and plenty of free time now to pursue their emotional and social needs. We must not lose sight of children whose families have few resources if we do not want the social gap to widen. In a level-headed, undogmatic way and with numerous insights from experts in psychology, medicine and education, she provides concrete answers and acute help.