Cold Hart

The new epic trilogy by Lena Kiefer

Elijah Coldwell has his life under control: university, work, sport, everything is strictly organised. It’s how he manages the anxiety that has haunted him since he was abducted as a child. Falling in love is just not an option for him; the risk of being as vulnerable as back then is too great. But then he meets Felicity Everhart, who fascinates him more than anyone else has ever done. Felicity actually has other problems right now. She’s trying in vain to finally get to know her father. Although he is financing her dream art degree at university in New York, she hardly knows anything else about him. However, unaware that a potential dark cloud hangs over their love, Elijah and Felicity are unable to ignore the spark between them for long. When Elijah receives new information about his kidnappers, the clue leads him to Felicity’s father of all people….



Vol.02, Mai 2024      Vol.03, Sept. 2024