Climate Feelings

How we grow from the environmental crisis rather than despairing

«We all repress the climate crisis every day. Or rather: the feelings associated with it,» know the two founders of Psychologists for Future, Lea Dohm and Mareike Schulze. And the repression of strong feelings such as fear, sadness and anger is even necessary to a certain extent, because the immediate consequences of the climate crisis are threatening and shattering. They call our entire lives into question and thus affect our sense of security to a great extent. Concern about the climate hits us with all its force on the psyche; it paralyses, frustrates and «robs» us of our important emotional capacities. We know we need to be more engaged in the fight against the climate crisis and struggle with feelings of guilt. We become active and are frustrated because our efforts – as so often – end up changing nothing. And the crisis continues to progress.

In the meantime, many people are confronted with strong feelings such as climate fear, but also anger, frustration, hopelessness and sadness about the climate. They feel helpless and overwhelmed. Quite a few are so afraid of the future that they no longer want to have children. The two psychotherapists and founders of «Psychologists for Future» know how to calm these people down, catch them and give them the best advice. In this well-founded and practical guidebook, they share their strategies for dealing with one’s own climate feelings in a healthy way and show how to stay psychologically healthy despite the climate crisis. Because we can only save the Earth if we ourselves are well!

With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif and contributions by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Carola Rackete, Özden Terli, Gregor Hagedorn, Stefan Rahmstorf and Harald Lesch.