Child of the Rubble

Hamburg 1946/47 – breaking up rubble, searching for scrap metal, black market trading. Together with his family, 14-year old Hanno Dietz is fighting for survival in war-ravaged Hamburg. It is bitterly cold for months on end; Germany is experiencing the winter of a century in 1946/47.

One day, Hanno discovers a naked female corpse among the rubble, and close by, a three-year old child. The little boy is brought up by the Dietz family in Hamburg.

For months he doesn’t speak a word. And Hanno doesn’t tell anyone about his gruesome discovery either. But the image of the dead woman among the rubble haunts his dreams. It is only years later that the former ‘Trümmerkind’ stumbles across a crime that is fatally linked to his own family’s history …

In her novel ‘Trümmerkind’, bestselling author Mechthild Borrmann tells the story of a foundling in the post-war era and war-ravaged Hamburg in 1946/47.

Like no other German author, Borrmann knows how to combine suspense and historical events.