Charly Helps Everyone, Whether They Want Her to or Not

Feel-good story with depth: timeless, funny, heart-warming, clever and original.

Charlie is the most helpful person you can imagine. But some people simply don’t want her to help them. For example, the two city children Alban and Pippa, who are spending their holidays on Charlie’s farm.  They are afraid of animals. But surely that can be changed by a bucketful of stink bugs and by Umberto, the friendliest potbelly pig in the world. Unfortunately, Charlie’s mission of mercy has the opposite effect. And her mother thinks she’d deliberately played a dirty trick on the visitors, as a result of which Charlie is made to sit sorting socks in the washroom. This, however, leads to her next brainwave about how to help Alban and Pippa. And it’s bound to work this time!