Call It By Its Name

Everything a girl needs to know to take care of her vagina and herself.

Still today, many girls come to the gynaecologist’s office late, full of doubts, insecurities and taboos. Yet a large part of women’s serenity, awarness and self-love depends on their intimate health.
This book has a big objective: to help you knowing yourself and making you feel good. It contains everything you need to know to take care of your intimate well-being from a young age by following correct habits, making prevention a a lifestyle, learning how to interpret the body’s signals before they become more serious problems and giving voice to doubts and fears without embarrassment.

In this book you will find simple and even funny answers to all your questions, ironic illustrations, boxes of curiosities, true stories and lots of useful and easy-to-apply in everyday life tips. Because all girls, of all ages, have the right to knowledge to free themselves from the traps of bad information and definitively abandon the idea that being a woman means to resign oneself to endure a series of small and large daily inconveniences or sufferences.