Féléor Barthélémy Rü hasn’t only inherited a large fortune from his Master Huntsman uncle; he was also bequeathed with the urge to kill and a taste for raw flesh, indulging in those pleasures with women he encounters, some of whom become his wives and his victims.

Mercredi, Constance, Abigaëlle, Frida, Phélie, Lottä, and Marie: seven women, seven experiences in desire, violence, and death; seven voices that reveal unspeakable fantasies and tell of femininity, self-hatred, narcissism, and submission.

Although the premise of Les sangs (Bloods) may be reminiscent of a famous folk tale, there’s no secret room here, whose entry the beloved wives of a new kind of Blue Beard would be denied on pain of death.

In this polyphonic novel where power is the law, the torturers are not what they seem, and the victims are not as angelic and innocent as they appear.



Covers of the Spanish edition (Hoja de Lata) and the French/France edition (Grasset)