The Mafia though the unaware eyes of a boy.

Thirteen-year-old Luke wants to go on holiday with his friends. Instead he is made to go to a remote village in Sicily. Not even the companionship of his cousins can raise his spirits. Paul has become a bookworm who thinks only of his studies, his family and their shop and Cettina is too young, and besides, she’s a girl. Luca gets to know Mario who has a scooter and the latest iphone model and what’s more, he invites him to the pub! Luca has never been to a pub. No one has ever offered him a drink – that’s for grown-ups. But he can’t wait to to do grown-up things. «Sick with me and you’ll have a good time», Mario tells him. The summer seems saved but behind all that freedom, parties by the swimming pool and new buddies, there lurks a pitiless enemy. Its name is Mafia.