Arthur and Pineapple

Surely not a bird!

Arthur Noseman has only one wish: he wants a hamster. But his father suffers from a terrible animal hair allergy and so Arthur goes empty-handed on his birthday. Suddenly a cheeky budgie appears, introducing itself as Pineapple. Because it can talk! And only Arthur can understand him. And he thinks immediately “A bird in the hand is worth two hamsters in the bush,” smuggling Pineapple past his parents with the help of his two sisters. However, the pet happiness does not last long: a wanted thief tries to break in at the Nosemans, because he still has a score to settle with Pineapple. Now everyone must join forces to put pay to the thief!

A talking budgie on the run causes chaos

Exciting and fun story about two unequal friends

EXTRA: sticker as a reward at the end of every chapter