Around the World in 80 heartwarming News Articles

Salvatore Frasca & Andrea Cavallini

There’s not much to cheer you up nowadays when you read the newspapers: the world has become a nasty place. So thinks Phileas Fogg, who as a young man had gone “around the world in 80 days” and now as a very old gentleman, has decided never to leave the house again.

Lucky for him there lives in his house an incurably optimistic little girl who decides to make him change his mind thanks to 80 heartwarming news articles that will put a smile back on his face: from an obscure bureaucrat who saved the lives of thousands of people simply by stamping a document, to doctors curing rare diseases; from children who find their parents again, to people who protect the oceans.

The fact is that the world can be ugly or beautiful depending on how we look at it and how far we go in trying to save it. Here we have 80 true accounts from the Italian and foreign press telling heartwarming stories that are too often kept hidden and that should, on the contrary, be divulged with joy.