Fat & Thin & Skin & Hair: the big ABC of our Body-Home

Sometimes you feel insecure in your body, sometimes you feel comfortable and invincible. And then you would like to know how much spit you produce in the course of your life.

If anyone knows what interests and concerns children with regard to their bodies, then it is Katharina von der Gathen, the author of «Clear me up!».

Her many years of experience and a broadly based anonymous survey were the basis for her new lexicon, which is impartial and funny, but also careful with conflicting feelings.

And if someone knows how to put a child’s body experience into the picture, then it is Anke Kuhl: Her display boards, hidden objects and cartoons are so funny, apt and sometimes sad that everyone recognizes themselves.

The result is a wonderfully reinforcing book to page back and forth for boys and girls who really like to be at home in their bodies.