Agatha and the Dark

“It’s hard not to fall in love with dear little Agatha, who has her “mother’s ears and her father’s nose”.  This captivating pre-schooler, conjured by Anna Pignataro, has returned with a look at childhood phobias . . . Pignataro’s pencil sketches, accentuated with bold dashes of colour, breathe life into the poignant characters. The text is sensitive and sweet, offering reassurance to imaginative preschool-aged children as they attempt to navigate common fears.” - Penny Harrison at The Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Agatha is scared of the dark, and George is just making things worse. When Agatha is accidently locked in a dark room at kindergarten, her body trembles like jelly. How will she ever sleep in her own bed tonight? A story about learning to face your fears.