The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

"Michel Birbæk's stories about human relationships are small tragicomical masterpieces."   -  Petra

"Yes, it really does exist – well-written popular fiction that tells of love without being kitch, which warms the heart because it is authentic. Michel Birbæk manages to write such stories."  -  Hessische Allgemeine

Since losing the love of his life, musician Leo Palmer has avoided getting involved in a firm relationship – until he meets Mona. She is married and he is a womaniser, but fate has brought them together for the night. The deal is clear: no telephone numbers, just a one-night stand. But this night is simply too wonderful. When Leo and Mona have another date, he learns in the middle of their meeting that his great music idol, Prince, has just died. Under shock, he tries to find consolation with old friends – and that includes his ex-wife. He realises that he must at last face up to the ghosts of his past in order to have a future with Mona.

For all readers of Nick Hornby and Daniel Glattauer.