Cărtărescu – Dublin Literary Award 2024

El autor rumano Mircea Cărtărescu recibe el Dublin Literary Prize 2024 por su monumental novela «Solenoide»

«The book, which Cărtărescu based on his role as a secondary-school teacher, is grounded in the realities of life in communist Romania in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including long lines for groceries, the absurdities of the education system and the misery of family life. After beginning with the mundane details of a diarist’s life, it quickly spirals into a philosophical account of life, history, philosophy and mathematics.» The Irish Times

Nos complace representar esta novela para la editorial austríaca Zsolnay en los territorios de habla hispana y portuguesa.

«Solenoide» la publica Impedimenta (español); Periscopi (catalán); Mundareu (Brasil).